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A filling being finished at Cedar Creek Dental Instead of turning to traditional fillings that were dark and obvious when you opened your mouth, many people today are turning to composite fillings instead. These fillings are just as effective, if not more so, but are matched to the color of your natural tooth, so it does not appear as though you had any filling to the naked eye. If you know you are going to need a filling or two in the near future, you may want to consider the benefits that come along with having composite fillings used.

The Basics of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are different than traditional fillings by more than just color. They are made by combining tooth-safe resin, with a combination of quartz and glass. This gives you an incredibly durable filling that does not stand out when your mouth is open. It’s a much less invasive procedure to have done than having a veneer or crown done.

Composite fillings are perfect when the cavity you have is either small or medium, and it will resist future fracturing by being made of this composite of materials.

Another benefit that a composite filling is able to offer, is the fact that the filling is able to be bonded directly into the tooth when it is put in. The resin then adheres directly to the tooth, allowing it to remain strong with normal use for a very long time.

They are more apt to stain over time, and may have to be replaced if they are in an area of your mouth that is under a great deal of pressure when you eat, but these are still fillings that are quite strong. Composite fillings are also ideal for use on front teeth that either have a cavity or have chips in them that need to be repaired.

The Process of Getting Composite Fillings

Initially, you will sit down with Dr. Rust and find out what exactly she will be doing. From there, you will receive a numbing agent, and Dr. Rust will then dry the area completely. In order for a composite filling to have the best adherence to the tooth, the entire area must remain completely dry. The decay in the cavity of the tooth will be removed, and then your resin composite will be prepared.

Once the mixture has filled in the cavity, a special blue light will create the reaction that hardens the composite filling into a solid and durable filling for your mouth. You may experience minor tooth sensitivity for a couple days after getting a composite filling, but should you notice that your sensitivity lasts beyond a week, you should give us a call so we can see what could be causing the pain.

If you are in need of fillings, and want to see if your cavities would be benefitted by using composite fillings, then give Dr. Rust and Cedar Creek Dental a call today at (503) 646-1811. We want to help you get your oral health as high as it can be, and be the trusted dental professional you turn to when your teeth are on the line.
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