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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-RaysX-rays have long been used to look into areas of the mouth, such as between teeth, below the gum line and in the jawbone. Until recently, the only way X-rays were done was by using radiation and developing the pictures in a dark room. This process is still used today, but now there is a new advancement in the ways X-rays are done: digital X-rays.

What is a digital X-ray?

Digital X-rays are a relatively new advancement in X-ray technology. They use electronics to take pictures of the inside of your mouth, reducing your exposure to radiation by up to 90 percent. This is a big deal for people who are opposed to radiation exposure. Images are captured on a computer screen using a digital sensor that is placed in your mouth. Digital X-rays offer many advantages.

Images Are Captured Instantly

Because the sensor is attached to the computer, the images of your mouth are captured instantly, rather than the need to develop pictures in a dark room. This also means that there is less waste.

Time Saving

There is no wait time for the development of images. This means shorter appointments for patients and the ability to see more patients for dentists. Digital X-rays also save space, as there is no need for a dark room.

Environmentally Friendly

Aside from the radiation created by traditional X-rays, chemicals are needed to develop the pictures. Digital X-rays eliminate the need for these chemicals.

Images Can Be Enhanced

The ability to enhance images means a more precise diagnosis. They can be magnified, colorized and even displayed in negative. All of these options can help pinpoint even the tiniest of details. The images are also of better quality, which means better care.

Side By Side Comparisons

Instant side by side comparisons, showing progression or deterioration of the mouth, are possible with digital X-rays. It is much easier to detect tooth movement, bone loss or growth and changes in restorations, fillings and root canals. There is no need to attempt to find an older X-ray in the patient's file. Images can even be placed on top of one another to detect changes.

Digital Files

Digital X-rays create a digital file for patients. Coupled with the ability to keep records electronically, this helps in a multitude of ways. There is no fear of losing patient files or having records get destroyed. Doctors can immediately pull up records, including X-rays on a computer. It can contain all patient information. Entering information is quick and easy. Computer files also save space, as there is no need for shelves or cabinets full of thick files.

Transfer of Records

Need a referral to a specialist? Need to bring a copy of your X-rays to that appointment? No problem. Referrals can be sent immediately and a copy of the X-rays can accompany them, rather than having to obtain a copy of your X-rays and then remember to bring them to the appointment with the specialist. Prescriptions can also be sent immediately, reducing your wait time at the pharmacy.

Digital X-rays are a vast improvement on the old system. They are quick, easy and of much better quality. Software is constantly being updated, allowing for continual improvements on this technology. Cedar Creek Dental uses digital X-rays, allowing our dentists to provide you with only the best care possible.
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