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Ultra-Sonic Scalers

Picture of an ultrasonic scaler at dentists office in Beaverton ORAt Cedar Creek Dental we do our very best to offer you the most thorough cleanings available in the dental industry. We also are committed to your comfort, which is why we have adopted the ultra-sonic scaler into our tooth cleaning toolbox. Adult patients who come to our office for a professional tooth cleaning and exam will get to experience the fresh, clean feeling of teeth that have been treated with an ultra-sonic scaler.

Why You Need Professional Cleanings

So, you have a great oral health routine? Brushing two times a day and flossing at least once a day can help to keep your oral health at a good baseline of health. If you add mouthwashes and rinsing with water after meals, you are probably doing even better. Why then, do you need professional dental cleanings? Because you don’t know, or have any way to see how much gunk you are missing!

When you come in to our office to have a cleaning done, not only are we able to see all the spots that you may have missed, we are properly equipped to deal with the toughest of caked on tartar. You see, when you miss a spot on your teeth with the brush or the floss for long enough, that allows the bacteria that causes tooth decay to build-up in that spot. After a while that bacteria can harden into a substance called tartar.

Tartar is much too difficult for you to remove with any oral hygiene tool that you can get your hands on in stores – so that’s where we come in.

What is an ultra-sonic scaler?

In the past it was necessary to scrape tartar and plaque build-up off of your teeth with very sharp, very pointy tools. It wasn’t a comfortable thing to have done. Now with the advent of ultra-sonic scalers we are able to use a light touch and still remove more tartar and plaque material than we were before. The end result – you are more comfortable and receive a more thorough clean in less time.

How does it work?

Ultra-sonic scalers look like many of the dental tools you are already familiar with. It consists of a wand (handle) with a metal pick for a tip. From the tip it produces a soft, ultra-sonic vibration. While it vibrates, it also produces a small stream of water that is used as a lubrication agent to help wash away the built up bacteria.

During the cleaning we will place a small hose in your mouth to aide in the process of suctioning the water and debris out of your mouth.

By the end of the cleaning procedure we will have removed all built-up bacteria from your teeth and you will have a clean bill of oral health!

Please call us today at (503) 646-1811 to schedule your appointment. If you experience tooth or gum sensitivity for more than a week please contact our office and make plans to be seen as this could be a sign of a more serious issue.
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