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Root Canal
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When it comes to deep damage to your teeth, a root canal is a common and safe procedure to remedy the damage done. This is a great way to salvage the integrity of a tooth rather than extraction. Cristina Rust, DMD has been performing root canal therapy for years and would be more than happy to help you to see if this is the solution to your problems. If you think that you may benefit from root canal therapy, talk with us today.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is the full name of the procedure that most simply called a “root canal.” As a matter of fact, when you call the procedure a root canal, you are most directly referencing the area in which the procedure takes place. Root canal therapy is designed to reverse the damage done deep down inside of your tooth, in the root canals where the nerves and pulp are located. It clears out this area of decay and infection and seals it up to keep it from happening again.

How does it work?

Root canal therapy is pretty simple. First, we will numb the area of the tooth we will be working on, and then isolate it using a dental dam. This will ensure that no other teeth are even affected by the process. From this point, we will drill into the tooth from the top, disrupting and eliminating the decay attacking the tooth. We will clean out the ducts we made, removing the damaged pulp and nerves.

Then, we will seal them up using safe and medicated dental material that will ensure that the infection will not start over as soon as we finish. If the filling is large or the tooth fractured, you may require a crown over the top to protect your tooth’s integrity and strength. If this is the case, we will file your tooth down to fit the crown and then make a mold. This mold will be used to make the final crown, and you will be given a temporary crown that day. A week or two later, when the permanent piece is complete, you can return, and we can cement it into place.

Benefits of a Root Canal

When it comes to deeply rooted infection (pun fully intended), sometimes the only options are root canal or extraction. While a root canal may seem like it is more arduous, an extraction can, over time, cause more problems such as bone loss, and remedying that situation are costly. Root canals can keep your tooth and reinforce it after it gets damaged.

Cristina Rust, DMD is here to help you with all of your root canal needs. We can help you to get the damage solved quickly and efficiently. This means less hassle for you and less time you need to spend worrying. If you have a painful or infected tooth, see how we can help you feel better in no time. Give us a call today.
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