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Cedar Creek Dental Extractions

A tooth that has been extracted at Cedar Creek Dental When a tooth gets damaged in a way that simply cannot, or should not be repaired, a tooth extraction may have to occur. This means that the tooth is removed from the mouth, leaving a gap in the jawbone and in the gums where the tooth used to be. Some extractions are quite simple, while others are incredibly complicated. Should the extraction be something overly complicated, Dr. Rust and the staff at Cedar Creek Dental will have one of the oral surgeons they work with take over your extraction.

Why would you need an extraction?

Not all broken or decaying teeth need to be extracted, but sometimes, there is no other realistic option. Here are a few common reasons that your tooth may have to come out:

•  If the level of decay in your tooth is so severe your tooth is crumbling
•  If your tooth is considered periodontally diseased, meaning it has gum and bone disease
•  The tooth has no, or incredibly poor, functionality
•  Your tooth is fractured so badly that it cannot be repaired
•  The positioning of your tooth has lead it to remain impacted, causing other issues

Extractions come in two forms. There is a simple extraction, where the tooth is able to come out without any extra intervention. There is also a surgical extraction, where gum tissue will need to be cut in order to get the tooth out. Some teeth that appear to be simple extractions do become surgical, when the tooth breaks under pressure, or refuses to budge when pressure is put on it to come out.

Once Your Extraction is Over

There are a few things you need to expect after you have gone through an extraction. You should expect some bleeding, but that should be done within 12 hours of the extraction. If you have a lot of bleeding past this time frame, make sure you notify your dentist to ensure that the area is clotting properly.

You should also expect some soreness. The pain that comes along with an extraction normally fades within 2 or 3 days, and is often alleviated with over the counter analgesics, like Advil, Tylenol, or Aleve. There may be a little oozing from the extraction spot for a couple days, but this is totally normal.

You need to be careful following your extraction, and only rinse your mouth gently for the first 24-48 hours. You should eat only soft foods, and be sure to rinse after the first 24 hours with a salt water rinse. This cuts down how many bacteria are in your mouth, and boosts your mouth’s ability to heal properly.

If you need a tooth extracted, give us a call today at (503) 646-1811. We can look at your tooth and let you know if there is anything that can be done to save your tooth. If not, we will then let you know what the best method is going to be in order to extract your tooth safely, and with the least discomfort possible.
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