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Dental Implants in Cedar Mill Neighborhood in Beaverton OR

Dental implants are Portland's most innovative way to replace missing teeth. They offer the most benefits and promise to preserve your jawbone for the rest of your life. It is a surgical procedure to place the implants, but at Cedar Creek Dental, we are very experienced on this procedure, ensuring your comfort and success with dental implants. If you are missing any teeth, it is important that you learn about the benefits of Portland dental implants to see how they can transform your life too.

Do you Have Enough Bone?

One negative side effect of losing teeth, aside from not having them to chew, talk, and smile, is the risk of losing your jawbone. Without teeth, the bone does not have a reason to stay in your mouth. Without the stimulation it receives from chewing, the bone cells begin to die off and become reabsorbed by your body. When this occurs, your bone becomes thin and weak, unable to accept dental implants. If we find that this is the case for you, we will first perform a bone graft procedure which takes bone from another part of your body or makes use of a synthetic material to bulk the area back up. This will make you a candidate for dental implants in the future.

Placing the Implants

Once your mouth has healed and the bone is ready to accept the dental implants, we surgically open your gums in order to gain access to the bone. This is where the titanium screws, which will become your tooth's roots, are implanted. The titanium works well with your body, naturally fusing with the jawbone. This serves to give your post and porcelain crown a solid structure to hold onto. This means that you will have the same stability you once had with your natural teeth.

Placing the Crown

We have to let your mouth heal for around 6 months before we can place the implant. It is crucial that the healing process takes place otherwise there could be complications. Once the area is healed, we place the post in the implant and adhere the crown to the surface. The crown is a custom made porcelain tooth that matches the color of your teeth as well as the shape, which we obtain through a mold that is taken during the prepping procedures. You now have a permanent tooth or teeth that mimic your natural teeth, allowing you to chew, talk, and smile with ease.

Missing teeth are nothing to take lightly. They can put you at risk for tremendous bone loss, which will have negative effects on your face, ability to chew, and desire to smile. Don't put your self-esteem and mental health at risk; talk to us about the importance of dental implants and how we can help you. The experts at Cedar Creek Dental are happy to answer any questions or set up any appointment to get the process started for your dental implants today.

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