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Cedar Creek Dental Bridges

At Cedar Creek Dental, we offer dental bridge procedure.If you have a gap of some missing teeth, one option to fill that gap could be a permanent dental bridge. These appliances are cemented in place, and are not meant to come out once they are placed in the mouth. They are able to function like normal teeth, and give you back your ability to smile, eat, and speak like normal. Getting a dental bridge is at least a two-part process, but when all of the parts are complete, most would not be able to tell that you had any type of dental work done.

Reasons for Getting a Dental Bridge

When you are missing one tooth, or multiple teeth, you can have some side effects that can be hard to prepare for. The best way to avoid each of these effects is to fill in those missing gaps with some type of a false tooth. Here are some of the most common reasons for dental bridges:

•  Maintaining the shape of your face
•  Restoring your ability to chew foods normally
•  Restoring your ability to speak normally
•  Keeping your remaining teeth from shifting into the gaps, causing issues with alignment
•  Getting an upgrade from a detachable denture up to a fixed dental bridge

When you have any of these issues going on in your mouth, the most common answer is to get a fixed dental bridge to cover that gap in a way that will not slide around or move.

How a Dental Bridge Works

When you have a gap in your mouth, false teeth, also called pontics, are created with crowns on either end of the gap. The teeth that surround the gap, also called abutment teeth, are ground down to be able to receive the crowns. This means that when the crowns are placed, the bridge will cover the gap, and you will be able to go about life like you never lost a tooth. The crowns are adhered to those two teeth at the end of the gaps, and the bridge will be permanently in place.

You will not be able to floss between those fake teeth, but making sure that you are taking care of your oral health regularly is a very important step in keeping your dental bridge safely and securely in your mouth for a long time.

You will want to come in and see Dr. Rust and the folks at Cedar Creek Dental regularly to ensure those abutment teeth are healthy and staying strong. You need to still brush and floss daily in order to maintain the health of your mouth, and having a dental bridge makes that routine even more important.

If you have a gap in your smile that you would like to have filled in with a dental bridge, give us a call today at (503) 646-1811. We can get you in, have Dr. Rust take a look at your mouth, and decide if a dental bridge would be the best solution for your needs. Contact us and schedule your appointment right away.
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